Blue Barrel: YOU CAN VOTE FOR A DEBUTING TEAM IS NEXT EPISODE you can do requests i guess.

Rillers: That’s my intro! But I still like you.


Rillers: Lunchy. You had no votes.

Lunchy: Mmm, Cherries.

Rillers: Cardboard Skype also had no votes.

Cardboard Skype: Great.

Rillers: Blue Barrel, you’re safe. But you did my intro.

Cheddaroni: I’m the bottom two?

Pancake: Of course we are!!

Rillers: Cheddaroni’s eliminated! Pancake’s safe.

Cheddaroni: So stupidity.


Rillers: The 2nd Challenge is to not be crashed by a book. Go!!

Cardboard Skype: I can’t believe my best friend is gone.

Coconut Gun: Oh no.

Lunchy: Time for snack, cherries.

Blue Barrel: Oh no.

Pancake: Oh no you don’t! *jumps 6 times*

Rillers: You won!

Vote uwu

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