TROC 5 is the 4th season of TROC and is the first all-stars season, in which contestants from the three past seasons, as well as ones who played in TROC 1 are competing. Anybody who has not competed in any previous season of TROC cannot compete in TROC 5.


Currently competing


Contestant Eliminated Contestant Gender Team User Voting Ratio Place
Male Comedians figgoprince 8 - 3 27th
Male Masterminds TheMichromeBlade 7-5-2 26th
Male Masterminds AzoicAssaultAids 10-2-1 25th
Female Masterminds CounterfietCoin 9 - 3 24th
Male Comedians Cybaka 8 - 4 23rd
Male Comedians derrpadon 4-3-3-1 22nd
Female Comedians mawileprince 10-0 21st
Male Masterminds YearsAnimations Quit 20th
Male Comedians CormacOliver11 6-4-4-4-2 19th
Male Masterminds Geno1906 5-4 18th
Male Masterminds AwesomecatmanDA 4-3-1 17th
Male Comedians xvsnf 7-0 16th
Male Merge IAmPrettyPositive 9-3-1-1 15th
Male Merge TheTGrodz 8-5-1 14th
Male Merge RivalRace 6-6* 13th
Male Merge mouse85224 4-1*-1*-1* 12th
Olive TeamIcon
Female Merge ObjectDudeIsland 11*-6-2-1 11th
Male Merge XanderDoesStuff 6*-3 10th (Formerly 21st)
Female Merge Pybirb 4-4*-1 9th
Bowling Ball's Bow on Fire TeamIcon
Female Merge RICEKRlSPIES 4-3-1 8th
Plump Dog TeamIcon
Male Merge YellowAngiruOfficial 3-2 7th
KFC Guy5 TeamIcon
Male Alumni ChrisShwafer 4-2 6th
Pringles Logo TeamIcon
Male Alumni DeviantZweg 3-2 5th
Orager TeamIcon
Male Alumni tehTTGuy 108 - 89 4th
Little Kids Radio TeamIcon
Male Podium WhiteImator Quit 3rd
Krzysztof TeamIcon
Male Finalist TileIsKuel TBA TBA
Cuberty5 TeamIcon
Female Finalist ThePirhana16 TBA TBA


  • The first 4 contestants eliminated were all contestants in TROC 3.
    • Prince Pill is the first TROC 4 contestant to be eliminated.
    • Hewwo is the first TROC 2 contestant to be eliminated.
  • This season has the second most amount of players, second to TROC 4.
  • It is the first all-star season.
  • This is the 3rd time that Cuberty, Plump Dog and Boy Toothpaste have played in a TROC season.
    • Of those 3, Boy Toothpaste is the only one that wasn't a team captain in TROC 2.
  • Freaky is the first quitter of this season.
    • Little Kids Radio is the second quitter of this season
  • This is The first-ever season with all winners from past seasons in this season.
  • Boy Toothpaste is the first winner to be eliminated in TROC 5.
  • Specimum Sandwich is the first runner-up to be eliminated in TROC 5.
    • Olive is the second and final runner-up to be eliminated in TROC 5.
  • This is the first-ever time Red Cream Soda, Butterscotch, Small Jr., and Krzysztof make it to the merge for the first time.
  • Chips rejoined the game.
  • If Algodoo Marble and Choo Choo the Train Were in the season. This season would have all the members of the podium.
  • This is the second time Eye Dropper, Little Kids Radio (due to Blizz quitting in TROC 4) Orager, Olive, Pringles Logo, KFC Guy, Bowling Ball's Bow On Fire, and Petey Piranha Plant making it to the merge.
  • This is the third time Cuberty And Plump Dog make it to the merge.
  • Chips is the first rejoiner this season.
  • Red Cream Soda is the first person to be a player from TROC 1 to be eliminated.
  • This the first season to have all of the TROC 3 alumni.
  • MWOA was the 1st TROC 3 alumni to get eliminated.
  • Troc 3 is the biggest in the merge with a total of 4 Contestants still in from season 3, 3 for Troc 2 and 2 For TROC 4.
  • Olive was the first runner up to get to the merge two times in a row.
  • This is the second time that Orager, Pringles Logo and KFC Guy got into the alumni.
  • This is the first time that Cuberty, Little Kids Radio, and Krzysztof got into the alumni, while the other half got into the alumni for the second time.
    • Coincidentally, this is the first time that all 3 of them made it to the Podium
  • Orager is the highest placing winner that competed in TROC 5.
  • If Cuberty wins TROC 5, she will be the first female contestant to win the TROC series
  • Krzysztof is another player in the top 3 contestants with the highest challenge averages to make to the finales
  • Little Kids Radio is the first TROC contestant to quit due to technical problems.
  • Krzysztof is the highest ranking male in TROC 5
  • Krzysztof also had the highest challenge average overall in TROC 5
  • Orager is the only troc 5 contestant who hosts a show called CTC
  • Because Little Kids Radio quit the game, Hot Choccy became a new member of the jury.
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