TROC 4 is the third official season of The Race Of Children and is the fourth season overall and was won by Boy Toothpaste with Specimum Sandwich as the runner-up, It features 41 players and 40 of the players grouped in 20 teams of 2 contestants, as this season was inspired by the TV show "The Amazing Race", and one of the seasons of "Total Drama". Though at the merge, a recommended character debuted and joined the game, and then quit, resulting in Little Kids Radio joining the jury.

Elimination Table

Contestant Eliminated Contestant Name Contestant Gender Team Eliminated From User Voting Ratio Place
Lunchy TeamIcon Lunchy Female Team Toe jacky-yay 8 -1 - 1 41st
Butterscotch TeamIcon Butterscotch Female Team Toe Pybirb 8 -1 - 1 40th
No Green Beans Allowed Sign TeamIcon No Green Beans Allowed Sign Nonbinary Team Rat Party wintermintleaf 6 - 4 39th
Half Eaten Corn Dog TeamIcon Half Eaten Corn Dog Male Team Rat Party Papiomike 6 - 4 38th
Lego TeamIcon Lego Male Team Notification Squad TheORIGINALPuppet 4 - 2 37th
Takeout TeamIcon Takeout Female Team Notification Squad SydYeh 4 - 2 36th
Computery TeamIcon Computery Male Team Digital Plungers Leofriends Quit 35th
Microwave TeamIcon Microwave Male Team AAAAAA Novaaaaaaaa 5 - 4 -1 34th
Blue Barrel TeamIcon Blue Barrel Male Team AAAAAA derrpadon 5 - 4 - 1 33rd
Cupcake TeamIcon Cupcake Male Team Fin Uracil Tie FirstHelmetDrop1998 3.5* - 1 - 1 32nd
I'd TeamIcon I'd. Prefix Team Fin Uracil Tie qwertyasdfgzxcvbhn 3.5* - 1 - 1 31st
Neon Pills TeamIcon Neon Pills Genderless Team We H.A.C.K. VoidSicle 6 - 3 30th
Slimer TeamIcon Slimer Male Team We H.A.C.K. PeanutCupster 6 - 3 29th
Beyblade TeamIcon Beyblade Male Team Mighty Metallic 9's LennyNoLennie 2 - 1 28th
A Million Eyes TeamIcon A Million Eyes Female Team Mighty Metallic 9's TheAnimationStation 2 - 1 27th
Jelly Donut TeamIcon Jelly Donut Male Team Belly Slappers Allenimations Quit 26th
Lemon Demon TeamIcon Lemon Demon Male Team Pinkie Pie Time For Teeth adventurerrcookie 4* - 1* 25th
Coconut Gun TeamIcon Coconut Gun Male Team Pinkie Pie Time For Teeth pinkatlemonade 4* - 1* 24th
Mariana TeamIcon Mariana Female Team 10 lezanman 6 - 2* 23rd
Compass TeamIcon Compass Male Team 10 ShortyStone 6 - 2* 22nd
Cardboard Skype TeamIcon Cardboard Skype Male Team Top Seven Tab64 5* - 3 - 1 -0.5* 21st
Cheddaroni TeamIcon Cheddaroni Female Team Top Seven WoopDooCreations 5* - 3 - 1 - 0.5* 20th
Beaty TeamIcon Beaty Female Team Slimer Fans xvsnf 6 - 4 19th
Krzysztof TeamIcon Krzysztof Male Team Slimer Fans TileIsKuel 6 - 4 18th
Uni TeamIcon Uni Female Team Best Team mawileprince 6 - 0 17th
Pancake TeamIcon Pancake Female Team Best Team SatomiBestGirl 6 - 0 16th
Potty Humour TeamIcon Potty Humour Male Team Digital Plungers lukeman141 6 - 4 15th
Little Kids Radio TeamIcon Little Kids Radio Male Team Belly Slappers WhiteImator 6 - 4 14th
Cool Capsule TeamIcon Cool Capsule Male Merge ThePirhana16 7 - 6 13th
Blizz TeamIcon Blizz Female Merge svrti Quit 12th
Eye Dropper TeamIcon Eye Dropper Male Merge mouse85224 3* - 2.5* 11th
Spooky Spider4 TeamIcon Spooky Spider Female Merge SpookierSpider 6 - 2 - 2 10th
Chips TeamIcon Chips Male Merge XanderDoesStuff 5 - 2 - 1 - 1 9th
Vadda Grease TeamIcon Vadda Grease Male Merge Geno1906 2.5* - 1* - 1 8th
Big Cherry TeamIcon Big Cherry Male Merge AnimationCreated 2 - 1* - 3* 7th
Skin Cube TeamIcon Skin Cube Female Alumni webzforevz 5 - 1 6th
Prince Pill TeamIcon Prince Pill Male Alumni Cybaka 4 - 1 5th
Immunity Idol TeamIcon Immunity Idol Male Alumni MajorLeagueObjects 2 - 2 4th
Algodoo Marble TeamIcon Algodoo Marble Male Podium JohnDubuc 1 - 0 3rd
Specimum Sandwich TeamIcon Specimum Sandwich Male Runner-Up AwesomecatmanDA 5 Votes To Win 2nd
Boy Toothpaste TeamIcon Boy Toothpaste Male Winner CormacOliver11 N/A 1st


  • Unlike previous seasons, this season eliminates two contestants from their teams instead of eliminating one during the team phase.
  • This season has the largest cast in TROC history.
  • This is the second season to have a debut.
  • It is also the first season to not have a rejoin, as confirmed by Niall in "Fun Little Stream (ft. Sam)".
  • This season currently holds the record with the most quitters, with 3.
  • Computery is the first contestant of the season to quit.
    • Jelly Donut is the second quitter of the season.
    • Blizz is the third quitter of the season.
  • Team Toe has currently been eliminated with the most votes with 8 votes.
  • A Million Eyes and Beyblade are the first returning contestants to be eliminated in TROC 4.
  • TROC 4 is the first season to have a new team be formed partway through the prem-erge, being Team Belly Humour.
  • TROC 4 is the first season to have a token stalemate occur. It later had 2 more.
  • TROC 4 is the first season to have a delay.
  • Mighty Metallic 9's were the only veterans to be voted out Pre-Merge
  • TROC 4 is the first instance of a deadlock tie. More importantly, it occurred at the final 4, meaning that the elimination was completely restarted, with the viewers voting rather than the competing contestants.
  • Immunity Idol is the first TROC contestant to ever receive over 100 votes
  • Algodoo Marble is the highest placing contestant to have never won a single challenge
  • TROC 4 is inspired by Total Drama: The Ridonculous Race
  • This is the first season a returning contestant won
  • Algodoo Marble is the highest placing contestant to not return for TROC 5
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