I’m so tall!
— Krzysztof

Krzysztof is a male contestant who competed in TROC 4 and is currently competing in TROC 5.


Krzysztof is a very interesting man, he has a slight fascination for fish and other aquatic life, this is shown by his best friend being a red lipped batfish, who treats her like his mum, and him owning a pet baler shell named Max. Krzysztof likes to reminisce about his past, especially his prom. Which he remembers fondly. Despite being in his mid to late teens, Krzysztof is shown to be very childlike and is treated as such by his peers. Krzysztof is also very kind and light hearted and would not be rude to anyone, with the exception of TROC 5 Challenge 24 (because AT-AT Isopod doing better then him).



Krzysztof started the game as one of the best placing competitors the game has ever had, placing in the top 5 in all the challenges in TROC4 he participated in. Krzysztof then continued to pass through all the challenges with no votes.

However, his teammate Beaty ended up with a really low result and were sent to elimination for the first and only time. Funnily, every team played a Gamer Token to keep them immune. However, Grangriss in a Jar called a Token Stalemate, meaning that all the tokens are nullified and because of Team Slimer Fans were seen as a very big threat because of Krzysztof alone, he and Beaty got eliminated to a 6-4 vote against Team Big Boned.

If he and Beaty would have been safe, He would have used a Gamer Token to be safe.



  • Krzysztof is the tallest TROC contestant to date.
  • Krzysztof placed within the top 5 of every challenge he participated in.
    • Due to this, Krzysztof has earned the most Give Me A Better Token and Please Tokens out of any TROC contestant.
    • Krzysztof is the only contestant to have the highest challenge average of a season and not get to the finals.
  • Krzysztof is statistically the second best TROC contestant in terms of challenge performance, only bested by Choo Choo.
  • Krzysztof is the first person to be the 24th player eliminated, he beat as many people in TROC 4 as Orager did in TROC 3.
  • Krzysztof's name is of Polish origin, meaning "Christopher" in that language. This might indicate that he is a descendant of someone from Poland.
  • Krzysztof is also the third contestant who has won a challenge and be given a placement in the premerge, the two others being Little Kids Radio and Coconut Gun.
  • Krzysztof has the highest challenge average out of any contestant in TROC 5.
  • Krzysztof is the only member of The Comedians left.
  • Krzysztof and Cuberty currently have the most wins in TROC 5, with 5.
  • Coincidentally, they're both the finalists of the season.
  • Krzysztof is the first (and only) non-object to make it to the finalists in TROC 5.
  • TROC 5 was the first time that Krzysztof ever made it into the Merge and Alumni alone.
  • Krzysztof has the least amount of kills TROC history (not counting people who did not participate in challenges and got out first) with his kill count being less then 10.
  • Out of any contestants in every TROC who does make loud noises, Krzysztof is the only contestant in the alumni who does not make loud noises in his entries.
  • Krzysztof is one of the very few contestants to have never excused in a challenge.
  • With the exceptions of the challenges that had a 30 second time limit, Krzysztof has never made a entry that is shorter then 2 minutes.
  • While his entries have swearing, Krzysztof himself has only sworn once.


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