I'll tell you what's up. Crime rates.
— Irish Potato

Irish Potato is a male contestant who competed in TROC 3 and TROC 5.


Irish Potato is an easily angered Irishman with a taste for tough contests. Prone to stubbornness, he is quick to take on any tough feat, no matter the costs.


Irish Potato performed okay, but frequently placed somewhat low. He was eventually eliminated due to Picket Fence's use of a Lump Token, but was allowed to vote in the jury due to Seltzer Bottle's refusal to vote. As with the rest of the jury, he voted for Olive.


  • Irish Potato is the first jury member to not make merge in TROC history, this was due to Seltzer Bottle quitting the jury during the finale, because he hated the finalists so much.
  • His user is known to host an object camp named Camp Super-Slam.
  • In TROC 5, it is revealed that he is an actor, and is only Irish through his heritage.
  • Despite Irish Potato being confirmed voted out first in TROC 5, his team– the Masterminds– had a better average than the Comedians, who tied.
    • This is the first time in TROC History that such an elimination had happened.


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