Welcome to the Handstander house tour epic!
— Handstander

Handstander is a male contestant who attempted the TROC 2 debut and competed in TROC 3.


Handstander loves doing handstands and constantly assumes the handstanding pose, it is unknown if Handstander is capable of standing in any other way. But that does not matter as he is happy the way he is.


Handstander was infamous during his time in the game for performing horrendously at challenges. After being the only contestant to not participate in the first challenge, for the rest of the competition he was a hindrance to his team. Despite this, he managed to make it somewhat deep into the competition and finished in 18th place as the 7th person voted out.


  • Handstander along with Seltzer Bottle, Captain Underpants, Bowling Ball's Bow on Fire and Shape Tweeny were given guaranteed placements in TROC 3.
  • TROC 4 competitor, Chips, is weirdly obsessed with Handstander. Love, perhaps?

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