Wow, I should commit genocide more often, that felt great!
— Counterfeit Coin

Counterfeit Coin is a female contestant who competed in TROC 3 and TROC 5. She also attempted to sign up for TROC 4.


Counterfeit Coin is a rich con artist who believes that she is the greatest person all of time. She is often rather violent and sometimes downright sadistic, especially when her poorly thought out schemes don't work out. She is occasionally willing to act civil, although only when it benefits herself. Counterfeit Coin is also excellent at explaining and teaching others, though only when they are willing to listen.


Counterfeit Coin played a very strong under the radar game, controlling and having a say in many important votes and decisions, while also appearing completely nonthreatening.

Unfortunately, at the final 7 she was eliminated by default for being the only remaining player not to have immunity.

This caused her to be eliminated with 0 votes, becoming the 18th person voted out and the 7th member of the jury. Finishing in 7th place, and yes, she voted for Olive.


  • According to her first challenge entry, Counterfeit Coin is 2 years old and "selfsexual".
    • The former is a reference to the first deviation she appeared in, which was posted 2 years before her first entry.
  • The only vote cast for Counterfeit Coin was a nullified vote at the final 7.
    • This makes her the only player to be eliminated with 0 votes.
    • She was also the last TROC 3 contestant to receive their first vote at an elimination.
  • Counterfeit Coin was the last TROC 3 contestant to win their first challenge, and was the only one to win their first challenge during the merge.
  • Counterfeit Coin attempted to join TROC 4 but did not end up joining the game.

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