That was back when it was called "The Redundant Object Camp!"
— Captain Underpants

Captain Underpants is a male contestant who attempted the TROC 2 debut and competed in in TROC 3.


He's just a happy ol' guy who's happy to help out! Also, he's a blatant rip-off of the character of the same name.


Captain Underpants attempted the TROC 2 debut and was very close to joining the game, but was just beaten by Feddy Frazbear.

In TROC 3, Captain Underpants did very poorly in his first challenge, which lead his team to eliminate him instantly, placing him in dead last with a finish of 24th. Additionally, Captain Underpants didn't know how to join the TROC group on DeviantArt or how to vote.


  • Captain Underpants was worst preforming and lowest placing player in TROC 3.
  • He is the lowest ranking male of TROC 3.
  • Captain Underpants' name and design are based on the well-known protagonist of the titular Captain Underpants series.
  • Captain Underpants' user signed up as Slingshot in TROC 2, but was rejected.

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