Take a look at this Horrid Henry episode!
— Big Cherry

Big Cherry is a male contestant who competed in TROC 3 and TROC 4.


Big Cherry is a hideously deformed cherry, so he often gets erroneously referred to as a strawberry, which is simply not the case. Despite his horrifying deformities he is a seemingly kind contestant willing to help others out in any way possible.



Big Cherry started off very promisingly, after placing 2nd in the first challenge, his user's computer unfortunately broke. This caused him to be unable to properly compete in the competition and after losing motivation to play anymore so he was voted out for poor performance.


Big Cherry still proved to be a very powerful player and paired up with Cool Capsule and were a force not to be reckoned with. Despite getting a mediocre score in challenge 1 and 2, Big Cherry won challenge 3. After his challenge victory, He then frequently placed in the top half. Right before the merge, his team and Team Best Team were up for elimination, Luckily a revote was called and Team Best Team was eliminated with a 6-0 vote. He also made it to the merge where he fell into more of good and a bit mediocre ranking. He made it into the final 9 without any votes, He then got 2 votes but was saved by Chips. Vadda Grease was eliminated due to his inactivity and poor performance in challenges, and it was the final 7, Big Cherry used his gamer token on Skin Cube so he can sacrifice himself, eliminating him and becoming the 7th jury member.


  • Big Cherry's user, AnimationCreated, debuted and competed in TROC 2 as Feddy Frazbear and placed 8th.
  • Big Cherry is the lowest-ranking player to ever return, placing 22nd in TROC
  • Funnily enough he is also one of the highest placing returning players to compete in TROC 4 placing 7th the others that placed higher then him were Immunity Idol at 4th and Boy Toothpaste at 1st.
  • Big Cherry is one of the two contestants that was in TROC 3 and appeared again in TROC 4. The other person was A Million Eyes.
  • Big Cherry's user competed in TROC 2, TROC 3, and TROC 4.
  • Big Cherry is the first contestant to achieve their first challenge victory in a season after their first.
  • Big Cherry is the only returning pre-merge contestant who has made it to the merge in TROC 4.
  • Big Cherry is the first TROC 3 contestant to place 2nd in a challenge and get a placement in the pre-merge.


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