It's Protag is green!
— Baggy

Baggy is a male contestant who competed in TROC 3.


"A bit shy and soft-spoken; Is a doomsayer and can be pretty grim. Nobody wants ANYTHING to do with him due to him being overall disgusting. He tries to act cool and fit in with other objects by spouting old and outdated memes, which usually fails. Baggy also doesn't like when those darn ""normies"" start stealing his custom memes!" - Baggy's TROC 3 Sign Up


Baggy performed poorly in challenges for his short time in the game, and his complete obscurity to most of the other contestants resulted in speculation that his user was an alternate account. This all culminated in his team, The Blank Blinkies, deciding to eliminate Baggy at their first elimination over Handstander, despite the latter's abysmal performance in challenges.


  • Baggy is shown to get sick easily as demonstrated from when he was riding a drop with Captain Underpants.


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